HMRC are the subject of conversation in todays article, as it has been rebelled that 100’s of billions of pounds were generated through “Cyber Fraud” in 2014 – 2015.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have been very active in fighting cybercrime. In 2014-15 it thwarted more than 100 million of cybercrime. This could have negatively impacted on the Treasury’s coffers. This is according to the governments UK Cyber Security Strategy annual report.

Since the cybercrime was identified as one of the biggest threats to the United Kingdom economy, the government has made efforts to invest more than 860m. The national cyber security programme is yielding fruits due to the investments made over the past years.

Due to the investment and determination of the agency, it took down more than 1,000 websites which were fraudulent in 2012. In 2015 the figures have increased ten folds. It took down about 11,000 fraudulent websites in 2015 alone.

The latest government report reveals that HMRC were given capacity to establish a dedicated team of cybersecurity experts who have helped in preventing the crimes since 2012. The task force has helped in preventing more than 103m which would have been lost to fraud.

The latest achievement has been attributed to paymaster general. Mathew Hancock has included significant enhancements to protect citizens against cyber security attacks. The task force has put technologies in place which helps in detecting cybercrime be for it has been executed. There is a national method which can be used to respond and secure data before it can be exploited by cyber security attackers. The methods have been very effective in securing data and preventing threats online.

Due to the design of government digital services where cyber security is built in design, the system is very secure. It is secure more than ever before. The design enables robust action to be taken against attempts of fraud online. This ensures all national digital platforms are free from any type of hackers.

The year 2016 will witness a launching of UKS second national cyber security strategy. The system is designed to outline the strategy and vision for preventing online fraud for the next five years. This will ensure the citizens are safe when exchanging data online for the next five years. The strategy is aimed at preventing loss of property due to cybercrimes in the United Kingdom. The strategy will identify weak points and seal them to prevent data loss and any potential attacks online.

Hancock said they know the task ahead of them. They also know they will build a good system which will prevent potential attackers from exploiting weak points which can lead to lose of money online. They plan to come up with a platform which will be very secure for the coming years.

This report highlights the current achievements and those which have been achieved over the past five years. The report also touches on wider impact of the cyber security prevention programme since it was launched.

We should be proud we have laid a great foundation through the first cyber security programme. The programme has positioned us well so that we will tackle challenges which will come up and those which we have already encountered.

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