When you want to start a business, you need to learn about some procedures on how to form and incorporate a company properly. There are several steps that you have to do, in order to help you create a legal business in this country. You need to follow all procedures that are required by local governments, so you can avoid getting any other issues that may occur in the future. It is not difficult for you to follow some of these steps and procedures, especially when you want to have an established company in your own daily life nowadays.

Company Formation

This term is commonly used to refer to the company registration. When you plan to register your own company to the right authorities, you should look at this procedure. You will be able to form a company very quickly. In most cases, you will be able to complete all business registration procedures in a few weeks without any problems. Companies can be formed by specialized agents, individuals, accountants, and also solicitors. Forming a registered company via paper filing method can take about 4 – 5 weeks. If you want to have quick registration procedure, you can take a look at the electronic submission procedure.

Company Formation and Incorporation


When you want to file a business registration form, you need to submit all necessary details that you should put in the registration form, for example company director, registered address, business name, and also company’s articles of association. You also need to submit your digital signature when you submit all necessary documents for registering your own business. If you submit your document via Internet, you also need to put three additional pieces of personal information, such as mother’s name, first three letters of eye colors, and also town birth. These details can be used to differentiate yourself with other people around you.

You need to know that most private companies are owned by stakeholders. These types of private companies are also divided based on the amount of shares. You can determine the amount of shares that you are going to share with other people. This can be pure decision for all stakeholders and all registered owners of your company. It is very important for you to value the overall value of your own business. This value can be divided with the amount of shares, in order to determine the total price of each share for your own company, especially if you want to have private company.

When you register your own company to the Companies House, you need to fill out up to four different forms, such as Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Statement of the First Directors, Declaration of Compliance with Requirements of the Company Act, and also Secretary and Registered Office. All forms should be filled out completely before they can be submitted to the Companies House. These forms are going to display all necessary details and also information about your own company and all other related details about your company, so you will be able to register your company completely.

After your application is approved by the Companies House, you are going to receive certification of incorporation for your company. This certificate is very useful to demonstrate that your company is formed at the Companies House as a legal entity. Therefore, you are able to distinct your company with your personal details. According to the Companies Act 2006, this incorporation certificate can be a good evidence that your company meets all requirements from the Act. Therefore, your company can be formed legally without any problems.

You will be able to use this type of certification for any purposes, such as bank account registration, loan application, and any other types of funding for your own business. There are many other benefits that can be obtained from this certificate. Therefore, you need to learn about how you can get this certificate legally. When you want to learn more about register and also form a company legally, you can contact us for talking with our professional experts and advisers. We will be very happy to advise you in supporting your own needs everyday. We can help you register your own company by doing all necessary requirements and procedures completely.